K.O Responds To Fan Who Claims He Misses The “Old K.O”

K.O replies Twitter user for saying he misses the old K.O

Mzansi rapper, K.O replies a Twitter user who claims he misses the old him.

Remember that time when Mzansi rapper, K.O talked about ignoring some of the things he sees about himself online? Recall he also said that some of those things get to him when he sees them? Well, this is one of those moments because the rapper just reacted to a Twitter user’s opinion about him.

It is obvious that fans have opinions about the artistes that they like, and will make them known as often as they want to. Well, a Twitter user recently revealed that he does not like the “new K.O” and prefers the “old one”. In his opinion, his new songs are nothing compared to the old one.

Reacting to this, the rapper revealed that he doesn’t miss the old him, whatever that means. He also told his fans to listen to his old music if that’s what they prefer.

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