K.O Reveals His Top 5 K.O Songs

SA Hip Hop star K.O has revealed his top five songs from his catalog.

Every artist has songs from their own catalog that they love more than others. It could be because of the story behind them or how the songs make them feel. According to K.O, the way he feels about his songs constantly changes with time.

The “Rockabye” star recently engaged his fans in a Q&A on Twitter, and the results were amazing. A fan asked him to list his top five songs from his catalog, and he did. Although he called it a tough one, he listed “Son Of A Gun,” “Flight School,” “Asked I’m Sorry,” “Ghetto Episode,” and “SETE.”

The famous emcee commands one of the biggest fan bases in the country. He recently revealed the reason why he rarely gets his flowers was because he never hosted huge concerts like most of his colleagues. Shout out to him.

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