K.O.’s Big Plans For Amapiano

In South , the coronavirus rages and so does the amapiano virus. The latest to catch the amapiano virus is hip hop star .

The “Lucky Star” has apparently been listening to too many piano tunes recently and, in a tweet, the acknowledged the impressive sweep of the genre in South , stating he might drop a piano tune soon – not something regular but one with a twist.

He made this know when a fan, who goes by the handle @LukhanyoOwam asked him of his plans for amapiano. You can check out his tweet below.

By the way, . isn’t the first hip hop artiste to indicate the possibility of dropping an amapiano tune this year. Family Tree boss had back in 2020 stated he’ll be dropping some piano tunes this year.

Also, if he should drop a piano tune, he wouldn’t be the first to do so as several hip hop acts have leapt into amapiano’s inviting orbit, including the twin brothers Bandile and Bandile ().

Well, until K.O. drops his piano tune, we can only watch and wait. In the interim, you might want to do the same, by following our social media channels as well as subscribing to our newsfeed.

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