K.O shares New Update On Shimmy Music Video

K.O gives update on the release of the Shimmy music video

K.O shares new updates on the release of the music video for his latest song “Shimmy”.

If you’re part of many who have been expecting Mzansi rapper, K.O to have dropped the video for his latest song, “Shimmy” already, it might still be in the works. We all expected the video to have been released by now but that hasn’t happened.

The visual for the song was announced right after Mzansi moved to Level 3 of the Lockdown restrictions. Shimmy was released on Monday, June 1st without a video. K.O had revealed that the single was a celebration of the country moving to Level 3 promising to drop the video later.

Fast forward to now, with no video in sight, fans have been getting a little restless. Reacting to a fan asking about the delay, the Skhanda World creator asked to be given another week to release it. Hopefully, he finally comes through with it by then.

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