K.O Slams Claims That He Helped Artists Only To Steal Their Music

SA Hip Hop star K.O has slammed claims that his only reason for helping artists was to steal their music.

K.O has been known to help other artists attain success on the SA Hip Hop scene. The Skhandaworld star recently appeared on The Sobering Podcast, where he spoke about what helps make artists successful. He listed them as talent, hard work, and some percentage of luck.

A tweep criticized his opinions and accused him of helping artists only to steal their music. He wrote, “What worked for him doesn’t mean it will work, kubanye! They should just stop being greedy and put others on simple. They love putting n#ggas under “their wing” just to steal their music. Nobody has the answers to how anyone gotta make it. 1 CO-SIGN Anyone done made it.”

Reacting to the claims, K.O revealed he has spent money helping artists and never made it back. He also urged the “smart” tweep to show him whose song and sound he stole.