K.O Speaks On The Collapse Of Cashtime & The Unreleased Teargas Album

K.O opens up about the collapse of Cashtime and the unreleased album by Teargas

K.O opens up about the collapse of Cashtime and the unreleased Teargas album.

Everyone who knows popular Mzansi rapper, K.O knows he is always trailed by various controversies. A major one being the collapse of his label, Cashtime which he was heavily blamed for after various artists left.

Years back, after his former group, Teargas disbanded, fans asked for one more album from them. However, that didn’t see the light of day after a disagreement between Ntukza and K.O caused it to be shelved. Since then, K.O has enjoyed a successful solo career.

Speaking to Drum Magazine about both controversies, he revealed that his silence led to more theories about the label’s collapse. He also revealed that the Teargas album could have dropped had Ntukza not gone on a Twitter rant to say he didn’t promote his solo album. According to him, Ntukza never called him up concerning the album, so he had no idea it.

About Cashtime, he said,

I felt after everyone had left I was the one exposed to public scrutiny, which made me look like the bad guy because I was always at the forefront. And I didn’t manage the scrutiny properly. I didn’t realise that my silence was feeding the gossip. I kick myself for not clearing the air. But we’ve moved on”

Continuing, he said about the unreleased Teargas album;

Unfortunately when we were ready to announce a new album was happening, Ntukza went on a social-media rant about me not posting about his solo album release. But he didn’t call me to tell me about the release. Had he phoned me, I would have gladly posted.”

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