K.O Speaks On Why He Gave Up On Mending His Relationship With Ntukza!

K.O on why he quit mending things with Ntukza

K.O speaks on why he quit mending his relationship with Ntukza.

If you’re part of the people who keep believing in mending the relationship between former buddies, K.O and Ntuza, then you’re in for a never ending ride. They have also given up on it, especially K.O.

Years back, when Teargas was still on the move, K.O and Ntukza’s friendship was the envy of many. We all loved to hear and see them together. While they looked close on the outside, we didn’t foresee what would hit us in the face when they finally went their separate ways.

In 2014, after Teargas split, we were left with wishes of a reunion which we kind of got when they were featured on a song with AKA in 2018 but that wasn’t enough to keep them together. In a recent interview with TshisaLIVE, K.O revealed that he had given up on mending their friendship. He said,

You saw Teargas for the first time since 2014 in that video. It was a great moment. I wanted to build on that but unfortunately after a month or two later things started going haywire again. He spoke out of turn on social media about me and i felt like the relation is not ready to be fixed. I just left it at that. I felt that certain things are best left.” K.O told Tshisalive.

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