K.O Speaks The Criticism Of Him Being “Has-Been”

K.O speaks on the criticism that he is now a has-been

S.A. star, . speaks out on the criticism of him being labeled a has-been.

No one wants to be labeled a “has-been”, not even when they’re retired, still social media trolls will say whatever they want. Mzansi hip-hop star, has not had it easy with music lovers, even when the rapper has sold many records and is still doing well as an artiste.

Recently appearing in an interview with, he revealed all he has felt seeing his mentions and all that people have to say about it. According to him, he has to deal with the things people say about him on a psychological level, and has a strong will so it doesn’t get to him.

He said,

“You need to deal with those things. Psychologically, you need to be a beast about it. You need to have a strong will. When that was happening, I needed to take that in. I also needed to block out certain things.”

He, however, admited that some of the things he reads about himself get to him but still stressed that he doesn’t dwell on the hate.

“Certain things unfortunately get to you. You can be just sitting there, going through social media and looking at your mentions and seeing all these positive vibes. Then someone out of the woodwork comes and says you fell off, you’re a has-been, call it a day.”

“If I want to call it a day, I will call it a day on my own terms, not because someone decided (I should),”

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