K.O To Sue Gauteng Province Government?

In its bid to educate the populace on the dangers of the coronavirus, the Gauteng Government might have riled someone. Mzansi rapper says he feels “violated” the Gauteng  Government made a caricature of him and his former Cashtime associates in a COVID-19 sensitization video shared on 12 July 2020 via the Government’s verified handle, @GautengProvince

According to the Gauteng Government, which is keen people should avoid gatherings, when friends gather, COVID-19 is the uninvited guest. The government had implored the people to protect themselves and those around them by obeying stipulated health guidelines from the government.

By the way, made his grievances known the same day while sharing the clip from the Gauteng Governement. He deplored the fact that the government never contacted him regarded the clip and got no consent from him whatsoever. He says he feels disrespected.

The government, to him, is unscrupulous. He ended up saying he is seeking legal advice. At the time of this writing, the Gauteng Government has not addressed K.O.’s claims. But many expect the government to do that soon.

Well, what do you make of the sensitization clip from the Gauteng Government, and K.O’s reaction to it? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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