K.O Will Release AKA Collab In The Summer

SA Hip Hop star K.O promises a lit summer as he reveals plans to drop AKA Collab following Nadia Nakai’s request.

Before AKA’s death in February, he was spotted in the studio with K.O. Both artists often showed love to each other on social media. However, since the “Fela In Versace” star died, K.O has not shared any plans to release the song.

It seems he changed his mind following a request by Nadia Nakai. Nakai shared she hasn’t been able to listen to AKA’s songs since he died. She also shared that she listens to the unreleased song with K.O every time and quoted the lyrics;

“It’s hard to be a stand-up guy and stand the test of time,” Skhanda God. Mega.” She also shared her hopes that K.O drops the song. Replying to her, the Skhandaworld star promised to release the song this Summer. Check their interaction out below.

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