K.O’s Song, “Rainbow” With J’something, Q-Twins, Msaki Tops The Charts

Back in April, K.O., J’Something, Q Twins and Msaki linked up for a song titled “Rainbow.” The actual brain behind this project was Capitec Bank. “Rainbow,” also called the Song Of Hope, aimed to ignite hope in the time of coronavirus.

In its aim, it largely succeeded, getting South African singing. The reception for the song was massive, not just in South African but in the neighbouring countries as well. It was inevitable the song should eventually pop on the charts.

In early May, the song made it to number 3 on Radiomonitor SA Top 100 Chart, a milestone that pleased not only the artistes on the somg but their fans as well. Weeks later, the song has made it to the number one spot.

This is not surprising given that although countries are not lifting lockdowns, coronvirus is still in down. And people are drawing large doses of hope from the song. At this rate, it just might make it to the stable of classic. Or what do you think.

If you missed the song at the time of release, you can still listen to it below. We encourage you to check it out and keep hope alive. This too – the coronvirus pandemic so to speak – shall pass.

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