Kabza De Small Buys Vintage Toyota Cressida

Amapiano star Kabza De Small has bought a vintage Toyota Cressida and is showing it off for all to see.

If you’re wondering what other things Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa share similar love for apart from music, you have your answer here. Both hitmakers are lovers of cars. They have always been vocal about it.

For as long as we have known him, Kabza has always been a lover of cars. In his garage, you will find a Mercedes Benz C63 and a BMW M2. The famous DJ and producer also likes to have a good time driving his cars.

In a recent video posted by his pal DJ Maphorisa, we can see that the Scorpion King bought a vintage Toyota Cressida and flexed it for all to see. We must confess that we are impressed. The car looks great, and Kabza De Small looked good standing next to it. We are hoping he gives us a ride someday. LoL.

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