Kabza De Small Links Up With Mzukulu & Inkosi Yamagcokama To Fuse Amapiano With Maskandi

Kabza De Small, Mzukulu, and Inkosi Yamagcokama are on an ambitious journey to fuse amapiano music with maskandi, two local genres from that South Africa. Of the two genres, though, amapiano is already going global.

Kabza De Small is known as the king of amapiano because of his contributions to the genre, which has often been described as nonpareil.

On the other hand, Mzukulu and Inkosi Yamagcokama are not exactly kings of maskandi music but they’re among the best voices in the genre. So, in a sense, it’s a meeting of great voices.

Kabza D Small shared a clip from their studio session on his verified Instagram page. It was obvious from the responses that fans are already in serious anticipation.

Kabza De Small, Mzukulu & Inkosi Yamagcokama - Amapiano/Maskandi

Now, what will a fusion of Maskandi and amapiano be called? And what will it sound like? How will the public receive it? So many questions come to mind.

The answers to them may not be far away, of course, as the musos continue their ambitious project and eventually unleash the same on the world.

Whatever they should drop eventually, you can count on us to share with you eventually. So you may want to follow us right away and stay tuned for updates.

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