Kabza De Small Searches Fan Who Tattooed Him On Her Arm

Kabza De Small goes on a search for fan who tatted him on her arm

Kabza De Small searches for a loyal fan who tatted him on her arm.

It is amazing what fans would do to show loyalty to their favourite artists and Disc Jockeys. Some would buy all their released music and attend all their shows, while some would follow them on all social media platforms.

It isn’t everyday you hear that a fan drew a tattoo of their favourite artists on their arm. However, that happened. Amapiano king, Kabza De Small has an undeniably large following and it is evident in the appreciation shown to his music.

The Mzansi star recently shared a photo of a fan who has tatted his face on her left arm asking his followers to retweet it till they found the fan. At first, the fan (with face blotted out) was confused to be male but was later revealed to be a female without a Twitter account.

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