Kagiso Modupe Says ‘I used my private parts to become a millionaire’

Mzansi star Kagiso Modupe says in a recent interview, “I used my private parts to become a millionaire.”

Now and again, we hear rumours about our favourite celebs on the internet. It even gets more interesting when they open up about the rumours themselves. Kagiso Modupe Modupe recently opened up about being a millionaire and had some shocking things to say.

The former “Scandal” star was featured in an interview with King David, where he shared that he used his private parts to become a millionaire. He stated, “It’s funny… I used my private parts to become a millionaire.” And yes, he did elaborate.

The TV star revealed to the podcaster that at the time, he had been married for 12 years and was not circumcised. Wondering about the benefits of being circumcised, he approached Brothers For Life and Right to Care to collaborate with them to start a campaign to encourage men also to get circumcised.

He further revealed that he called on fellow uncircumcised men to join him. He reportedly got R1 from each circumcision. He managed to bring over 1.1 men across the country into the country. He also previously shared that his wife inspired him to get circumcised.

He said, “I am a dad, and I’m a husband, and I’m very family orientated. For me, that is what caught my attention and that is when I went to find out about the HPV virus. I didn’t want to be the reason why my wife doesn’t get to see our daughters graduate or get married because I could have potentially infected her or caused her to get cervical cancer,”

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