Kagiso: Residents Up In Arms Against Illegal Mining

To drive home their grievances against illegal mining in the town, residents had poured into the streets in protest while also calling on the government to clamp down on the crime in the area. The police have reportedly intervened and shut up the demonstrations.

The protesters believe illegal mining is consonant with the escalating crime in the Krugersdorp area. They cited the of several women in the area as an example of why illegal mining has to end.

Initially founded in 1920, Kagiso currently has a population of about 190,000. At the outset, it consisted primarily of miners who settled in the town. Now, it incorporates people from every sector of the South African economy.

With the ongoing unrest in the area, there’s palpable fear among some locals that the violent clashes might get out of hand and lead to something neither the authorities nor the residents themselves envision.

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Kagiso isn’t the only city where illegal mining is rife in South Africa, nor is it the only place where residents are up in arms against the resource plunderers.

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