Kajol Celebrates Marriage Anniversary With A Funny Post

Kajol and Ajay are two of Hollywood’s favorite couples and they never cease from giving Mzansi couple goals.

During Ajay’s birthday in April last year, Kajol had shared a hilarious birthday post about him with his camera, doing what makes him the happiest – fiddling with his camera.

Kajol was at it again. This time, though, the occasion wasn’t Ajay’s birthday – which should be two months from now – but the anniversary of their wedding.

In an post, she had shared an old picture of them. In the caption, she mentioned the things they have been doing since they became a couple 23 years ago.

That’s no small achievement, right? So she asked her fans if she and her man deserve a medal or a look of awe. Either way, they both know how it feels.

Fans thought they deserve both a look of aw and a medal as well. But who’ll be bringing the medal? All the couple got in the comments was the look. Lol.

Well, Ajay wasn’t slow in celebrating the milestone with his wife either. In a tweet, the celebrated moviemaker had noted that he was surprised that his wife is still with him.

Love is a beautiful thing.

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