Kalawa Jazmee Speaks Out Concerning “Mjokes” Estate Saga

Mzansi record label Kalawa Jazmee has spoken out concerning Mjokes’ estate and his wife’s struggles.

In 2021, Mzansi was hit with the heartbreaking news of Mjokes’ passing. The lead singer of the Kwaito group Trompies died in a car crash. He left behind a wife who we hear has been struggling to make ends meet.

According to an article by Drum, his wife, Mamello “Lami” Mogane, has been struggling to page the rent (for the last nine months) and has also been fighting to inherit her late husband’s estate. Unfortunately, reports reveal that her efforts have not yielded much.

In a recent statement, Kalawa Jazmee opened up about their stance on the matter. The label revealed that they had paid a significant amount to Mjokes’ estate, and they hoped it would help his wife with the rent. However, the label stated that it was left to the executor and high court to disburse the money. Read the complete statement below.

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DCC Records Tia Kalawa Jazmee


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  14 JANUARY 2023

Media statement regarding the estate of the late Emmanuel “Mjokes” Matsane

Mjokes’s passing has been hard and we, as his colleagues and friends, at Kalawa Jazmee are still reeling from the loss. It is in honour of our journey with him that we have made sure that we are supportive of his family during this difficult time, including meeting our obligations when it comes to what is due to his estate.

We are aware of a recent article published by Drum concerning matters of Mjokes’s estate. It is unfortunate that this matter has come out this way and has necessitated that we respond to share the answers the publication omitted after they were supplied to them.

Our understanding is that all financial obligations are due to the estate and in complying with that, this is what Kalawa Jazmee has done to date:

– We have paid a significant amount to the estate and any disbursements are the responsibility of the estate as authorised by the executor and the Master of High Court.

– Kalawa’s responsibility is to cooperate with the estate in this process and pay any amounts that are due to the estate which we have done. Any further amounts are subject to valuation processes that are underway. These processes will take time.

As the estate is wound up, Kalawa hopes that there will be a positive yield for the benefit of Mjokes’ beneficiaries. We intend cooperating with the administrator in order to ensure that the estate is wound up so that monies ultimately flow through to beneficiaries as soon as possible. We are required to adhere to the law and follow the processes that govern the winding up of estates.

We are sympathetic to Lami’s position and all of Mjokes’ beneficiaries. We hope that through the administration of the estate, the first payment that we have already made will enable the estate to assist Lami in her dispute with her landlord.


Brenda Sekgota

Media Liaison: Kalawa Jazmee Records

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