Kaley Cuoco Backs Jennifer Aniston Over Infertility Admission

Not everyone is courageous enough to share their truths. Jennifer Aniston is someone who doesn’t mind sharing, and she’s gotten the support of Kaley Cuoco.

During an interview for Allure’s December 2022 cover story, Jennifer Aniston had opened up about her experience with pregnancy and infertility.

According to Jennifer, she was trying to get pregnant, and it was a challenging road for her. It was awful because the tabloids were criticising her and some accusing her of prioritising her career over motherhood, not knowing she was struggling within and trying to get pregnant.

Ultimately, she wasn’t successful at it. Through her experiences, though, she had learned a lot.

She had gone “through that shit,” according to her, and if it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t be where she is today. Those hard experiences had shaped and strengthened her. Now she’s stronger and self-affirming.

Kaley Cuoco appears to understand Aniston’s situation only too well. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she urged people to stop assuming and judging every little thing, noting they don’t know what others are going through. You can check out the post below.

For Jennifer Aniston, the “ship had sailed.” But then, she’s happy to be alive and kicking.

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