Kamo Mphela – Ghost (Behind The Scenes)

Before songs, music videos and even albums are released, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Fams only get to see the finished products.

But then, fans are also interested in what goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes they make this known, and at other times, the artists just decide to release behind-the-scene clips of their works.

It’s unclear what influenced her decision, but amapiano singer and dancer Kamo Mphela has just premiered a behind-the-scenes clip of her “Ghost” song. The track featured her associates, and Felo Le Tee.

is also the composer and lyricist of the track. The other composers are Sizwe Alakine (Reason) and Kamo Mphela herself.

Easily one of the key voices in amapiano music in South Africa, Kamo Mphela brings an electric charm to her performances. She’s one voice that cannot be missed in the engulfing cacophony of new voices in Mzansi music.

“Ghost (Behind The Scenes)” brings new angles to the song she’s released in collaboration with her compatriots. It might even aid a better appreciation for “Ghost.” You’re welcome to check it out below. By the time you’re done, you’d probably see why Kamo is one of the key voices in South Africa’s music universe. Come on!

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