Kamo Mphela Hits Back At Critics Of Her New Look

The world may talk about her all it likes, but Kamo Mphela doesn’t care much for the opinions. This much became obvious when a picture of her went viral, causing her to trend at No. 1 on South Africa Twitter.

In the said picture, the “SBWL” songstress had on a purple smoky eye as well as massive eyelash extensions which gave the impression of her having bulging eyes. She looked different from what her fans were familiar with.

This disparity in looks between the old and the new provoked great commentary online, with some of her fans stating out loud that she looks totally different from the Kamo they are familiar with.

To Kamo Mphela, how she looks should be nobody’s business but hers alone. She didn’t take kindly to the commentary on her looks and responded in a tweet. She encouraged those badmouthing her to keep at it because she is still up there and is in fact about to… Check out her post below and see for yourself.

Well, what do you think of the picture, the commentary on it by social media users, and Kamo Mphela’s response to the commentary? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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