Kamo Mphela Reacts To Being Body-shamed

Mzansi singer and dancer, has reacted to being Body-shamed by fans, says she almost shed a tear.

It has become obvious that no matter how loved a person may be, there will always be people who want to point out a ‘flaw’ that stands out to them. is considered one of the most loved celebs in the country, and that’s for good reason.

The talented singer and dancer has gained fans with her amazing talent. Last year, she had to entertain so much trolling on social media but she kept mum all through. It seems it has followed her into this year too.

The Mzansi star recently joined DJ Karri’s Trigger Challenge with a new video. While fans have reacted positively to the video, trolls have pointed out that she gained weight. Reacting to being body-shamed, Kamo revealed that she almost shed a tear but remembered that she has international gigs waiting on her.

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