Kamo Mphela Teases An Unreleased Single, “Nkulunkulu”

Mzansi singer and dancer, teases an unreleased single “Nkulunkulu”.

It seems Mzansi performer, is finally ready to released her single “Nkulunkulu”. The “SBWL” star recently shared a video of herself dancing to the song with some of her backup dancers. The video was shot in the street, and a crowd gathers around them as they dance.

Fans have been waiting on the release of the song since she announced it last year. The song was meant to feature on her debut album which was to be released in November last year. However, the album was pushed back so the song did not drop.

She later featured it on her series Life On The Road With Kamo Mphela. Now it seems she might be dropping the song sometime soon. We have no idea if the clip of her dancing will be featured in a video for the song.

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