Kanye Apologetic After Public Rants On His Marriage

America’s presidential hope Kanye West has apparently recognized he slipped in his recent outbursts and is now contrite and apologetic. The “Ye” rapper has apologized to him wife Kim Kardashian for his rants on their marriage.

The last couple of days has seen Kanye West exhibit behaviour which many considered erratic. He had threatened to expose his wife’s family secrets if she followed through with her plans to lock him up with a doctor.

Kim Kardashian, who noted her husband’s recent outbursts might have been provoked by his bipolar disorder, implored the public to show compassion and empathize with him.

Well, in a twist that charmed many, kim kardashian had not locked up the rapper with a doctor, and Kanye West had not released the family secrets he had threatened to. Instead, he had apologized to his wife for the rants on their marriage which shocked the world days back.

In a tweet, which apparently mollified Kim, he stated that he was sorry for going public with what is a private matter. Hopefully this buries the controvery and shifts the focus back to Kanye West’s presidential ambitions.

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