Kanye West – Black Babies’ Lives Matter

Black lives matter. And black babies’ lives matter as well. Kanye West was in the vanguard of the first advocacy. He has since taken up the second, the sanctity of the lives of black babies.

He made this know in a tweet yesterday 12 October 2020. The songster has never hidden his opposition to abortion, especially since he gave his life to Christ in 2019. In his tweet yesterday, he noted that one thousand black babies are aborted daily.

He didn’t give the source of his stats. But his opposition to abortion is unmistakable.

Where many applauded him for his black lives matter advocacy, some are finding it difficult supporting his anti-abortion stance. It is said that his wife Kim Kardashian doesn’t share his anti-abortion stance as well.

By the way, Kanye West has joined Nigerians in the call to end police brutality in the country. He tweeted that he stands with Nigerians championing the cause to end the notorious Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad. The squad has long gone rogue, killing innocents at will

Well, what do you think of Kanye West’s take on the abortion of black babies? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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