Kanye West Buys Back His Childhood Home Following Billionaire Status Announcement

Kanye West Buys Back His Childhood Home Following His Billionaire Status Announcement

Kanye West buys back his childhood home following his billionaire status announcement by Forbes.

Kanye is now officially a billionaire, meaning he has enough money in the bank to do exactly as he pleases. The American rapper was named a billionaire a few days back after Forbes announced that he is worth $1.3bn.

According to reports, Ye has now bought back his childhood home for $225,000. We hear he bought the house situated in Chicago’s South Shore neighbourhood after a charity failed to turn it into an arts hub.

The charity, Donda’s House Inc., named after his late mother bought the house back in 2016 and planned to turn it into a community arts incubator for at-risk youth.

It’s been a while since Ye cut ties with the charity following a feud with its Creative Director, Rhymefest who was his childhood friend. The Mail Online reports that the home will need $60,000 in repairs after it had been left in ruins.

Donda West bought the home back in the early 1980s and sold it in 2004.


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