Kanye West Declares “Skete Davidson” Dead After Failed Relationahip With Kim Kardashian

One man who is clearly chuffed with ’s split from is Kanye West, and he’s been rubbing it in the face of the Saturday Night Live host.

Just recently, when news broke out that has split with the comedian, celebrated it – bizarrely, as usual. In a post on his page, the “Donda” rapper had declared the comedian dead.

His post read, verbatim: “Skete Davidson dead age 28.” He made the post appear like a news article from the New York Times. “Skete” was a biting reference to the name of his rival to Kim’s heart. It wasn’t the first time he would call Pete “Skete,” however. You can check out the controversial post below.

Also, it wasn’t the first time he’d reference the comedian as dead. Previously, in the music video of one of his songs, the musician had shared the morbid moment he was burying an image of the comedian. It echoed around the world, with many people condemning him for it.

The condemnations continue with the latest post, which he has since deleted. Interestingly, although Kim has split with Pete, sources claim she has no interest in returning to Kanye West.

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