Kanye West Drops Support For Trump, Reveals Policies For America

In a move that surprised many, Kanye West has announced he is no longer supporting President Trump but will be contesting for the presidency of the United States.

He has adopted “YES!”(all caps) as his campaign slogan and Michelle Tidball, an obscure face on America’s political universe, as his vice president. Ms Tidball is reportedly a preacher from Wyoming.

Kanye West will be contesting on the platform of the Birthday Party. The party is so named because, according to “Wash us In The Blood” singer, when he wins, it is everybody’s birthday. In other words, a win for him is a triumph for all Americans as they get to experience excellent leadership.

Kanye West, who credits God as the inspiration for his campaign, has his wife Kim Kardashian-West and Tesla CEO Elon Musk as members of his advisory team.

On his policies as president, Kanye West confesses he hasn’t developed any foreign policy yet, but that he will focus on America first, protecting the country. He confesses he is pro-life, so abortion is a no-no. He is against COVID-19 vaccines and declaims out loud: “that’s the mark of the beast.”

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