Kanye West Erupts Again, Accuses Kim Kardashian Of Having An Affair With Chris Paul

The drama isn’t over for celebrated American rapper Kanye West, as he accuses his estranged wife of sleeping with NBA ace, Chris Paul.

This isn’t the first time he has accused someone of sleeping with his wife, though. He had made a similar claim against Drake. The two later ironed out their issues, with him no longer claiming the Certified Lover Boy had his wife.

Many used to consider and Kanye West the ideal couple. She was especially praised for putting up with his excesses and pushing public sympathy his way because of his bipolar disorder.

Along the line, though, things appeared to have broken down irretrievably and she applied for divorce last February. Along the line, when he made up with Drake, he had enjoined her to run back into his arms. But she had had enough and refused to. Instead, she clung to a new lover (Pete Davidson), which infuriated Ye because the SNL life host was also getting close to his children.

Ye went off the handle again just before his Twitter account was suspended, claiming in a thread that Kim was having an affair with the Phoenix Suns point guard.

However, multiple sources say his claims were fabricated.

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