Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Finalize Divorce – Ye To Pay $200K A Month In Child Support

It’s formally over for one-time couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as they finalize their divorce. They were the ideal couple until they weren’t

With his bipolar disorder and other issues, It was difficult maintaining the relationship and Kim Kardashian had filed for divorce in February of last year, in one of his wild moments, the “Donda” rapper had noted that he has always wanted to divorce her but he let her file for divorce to give her some dignity.

Ironically, along the line, he had implored the socialite and entrepreneur to run back into his arms and forget the past. But Kim, then with a new lover, Pete Davidson, was in no mood to entertain his suggestions. She ignored him.

And with Pete rubbing his relationship with Kim on Ye’s face, the rapper had erupted in anger and gone on the offense, forcing the comedian to flee Instagram and begin to fear for his life.

All that appears to be past tense as Ye and Kim have finalized their divorce, with the ex-wife entitled to $200k in child maintenance.

Ye is also responsible for half the medical and educational expenses of the four children he had with the KKW boss.

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