Kanye West Reveals He Spent $50 Million Of Yeezy Marketing Budget On Sunday Service

West reveals he spent $50 million of Yeezy marketing budget on Sunday Service.

What have you done for the ? Nothing? Well, Ye said he spent $50 million promoting the . Well, no one’s counting but that’s pretty huge. For someone who is allegedly richer than the president, it is nothing to him.

Ye was a featured guest on ’s “Cannon’s Class” podcast where he opened up about a lot including the 2009 VMAs. Yes, he’s still talking about that. He also spoke about planned parenthood, his presidential campaign, religion, and more. This is all under 44 minutes which is just the first part of the interview.

During the chat, he revealed he spent $50 million of Yeezy marketing budget on his acclaimed Live show, “Sunday Service”. According to him, this includes costs of flights for 120 people, the operas, and more. He revealed that since the Yeezys were selling themselves, he decided to not pay for ads, but to invest in spreading the .

“I spent every dime that I have for marketing from Yeezy on Sunday Service. Every dollar I had. I spent $50 million last year on Sunday Service if you add up the operas, if you add up the flights. It was 120 people going to Jamaica. The Yeezys, they were selling themselves. So instead of paying for ads, I invested it in the church. I invested in spreading gospel.”

We must confess, each Service was on a whole other level. Ye, also revealed that he’s planning on buying the paparazzi. Yes, you heard that right. He wants to pick the right photos to be published so you might want to hit him up if you’re interested.

I’ll hop in the car with a paparazzi; I hire paparazzi. I know [business is] down ’cause of COVID, I am hiring. I’ll buy all the paparazzi companies. I wanna pick the exact photos.”

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