Kanye West Shares New YEEZY Prototypes

Kanye West teases new YEEZY collection with prototypes

Kanye West teases new YEEZY collection with shocking prototypes.

You never know what’s going on in Kanye’s mind. All we know is that he’s the genius who keeps challenging and changing the face of fashion with his very unique ideas.

The “Famous” hit maker recently took to Twitter to share a few prototypes from his upcoming YEEZY collection and fans were shocked by what they saw. You know how Ye is always talking about aliens and all that? Well, he might be thinking about dressing us up as them. No jokes.

The newly revealed prototypes are not like the usually boots we’re used to. A fan commented on the post suggesting that one of them looks a lot like the upper part of a T-Rex’s head. We must confess that’s a good way to describe it. We can’t wait to see all that the collection is about when he’s finally done with it.

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