Kanye West’s Wild Twitter Rant

Ever since he kicked off his campaign, has been swimming in controversies. His statements appear deliberately incendiary, bringing him massive national publicity.

Days back, he had scandalized the world when he downplayed the role of Harriet “The Black Moses” Tubman in freeing thousands of slaves in the United States, stating she was merely a “middleman” moving them from one place of power to another.

Well, it appears the “DONDA” rapper isn’t done with his social media rages just yet. In a twitter rant that shocked many around the world, the songster called out his wife -West, and other entertainment figures, stating the movie Get Out was all about him.

Also, he swore that his daughter North West would live differently, a life patently different from what his wife (her mother) had lived – a more respectable life and not the seamy storm of a Playboy magazine.

You may want to check out the screenshot of his rant below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

By the way, if elections were won on social media, Kaye west might be on his way to massive electoral victory. But are elections won on social media? Your guess is as good as wine.

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