Karabo Khakhu Talks Why She Left School At Grade 11 Following Vusi Ma R5’s Death

She was in Grade 11 when she rose to fame as one of the dancers for Vusi Ma R5. incidentally, his death also had a profound impact on her life: She dropped out of high school. But why did she drop out? She answered that question and much more recently.

By her own account, both teachers and fellow students kept asking her about the late musician who she used to work for as a dancer. “They would call me to the staff room and ask me about R5. They would also ask me how I’m healing.” While those were kind words, they were coming too often and she was having a hard time concentrating in school.

The questions were too much and she thought the best way to evade them was to drop out of school altogether. And she did. Has that stopped people from asking her about the late musician? of course not, but the questions are not as many as they used to be when she was in a school environment.

By the way, following Vusi Ma R5’s funeral, Karabo Khakhu, who is also fondly called Jelly Babie, left Team R5, which confirmed her exit in a statement soon after.

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