Katlego Maboe Mum Over Monique Muller’s Child Maintenance Claims

Actor Katlego Maboe is playing his cards the way he sees fit and his ex-wife Monique Muller will certainly not like it – how he has completely ignored her existence after she erupted online about his being a deadbeat father to their son.

In recent Instagram posts, Monique had roasted the actor and called him out for not paying the school fees for their son. She complained that he had totally ignored his duties to their child, leaving everything for her to sort herself.

A great conversation erupted around her claims regarding her estranged husband, with netizens sharing their thoughts on it. Some had called on Katlego Maboe back then to start taking care of the child’s school fees and other needs because those are his responsibility as the father.

A couple of people had wondered, however, whether the son does not belong to Monique and what stops her from taking care of him as her child without dragging her former husband into the whole drama.

One man who has not said anything so far is Katlego Maboe himself. He has been resolute in his refusal to reply to her claims – for whatever reason. It remains to be seen if he will one day have a change of heart.