Katy Perry Launches “The Roar Package” Exclusive NFTs

Katy Perry Launches “The Roar Package” Exclusive NFTs

and Auctions the Iconic Golden Lion on Theta Network 

The December 15th launch on ThetaDrop marketplace will feature an auction of the “Golden Lion” from her 2015 global performance 

Global pop superstar Katy Perry, in collaboration with Theta Network, is launching her first set of NFTs for her fans worldwide on December 15 on ThetaDrop. The first of these digital collectibles features personal content from Katy titled “The Roar Package: Looking Back While Moving Forward” in preparation for her upcoming “Play” residency at the Resorts World Las Vegas hotel beginning December 29.

To mark this launch event, Katy Perry is auctioning the iconic ‘Golden Lion’ itself from her global viewed performance in 2015. As over 100 million fans from 130 countries alike will remember, Katy opened her performance by entering the stadium atop a giant golden lion singing her 2013 song, Roar, which topped music charts in twelve countries. Fans will get the chance to bid for this iconic physical item as an one-of-one NFT, a limited edition behind the scenes look of Katy giving herself a little extra motivation, and digital collectible NFTs commemorating the Theta partnership. Beyond simple digital art collectibles, these Theta NFTs bridge the gap between the physical and digital world to deliver tangible value to their owners and capture a part of the live experience. Upcoming NFTs will connect Katy Perry fans with enviable and unique experiences, including merchandise, access to her nostalgia store, backstage access to her shows, and meet and greets at her Vegas residency.

“By starting a residency in Las Vegas, I’m following in the footsteps of some personal heroes of mine, but of course we always approach it a little differently,” says Katy Perry. “Unlike other residencies, fans will get the opportunity to own a part of the show and my musical story in the form of Theta NFTs. The moments we’re auctioning are particularly important to me and serve as a kind of highlight-reel of my past and present for my career, so they’re very significant and personal.”

“As an artist I’ve always tried to keep an eye on the future, so now it feels like we’re stepping into it. The NFTs concept is new and exciting, so I’m thrilled my fans and I get to be early adopters in this new world. In addition to the digital NFTs, these drops will include the opportunity to get tangible collectibles as well, so you can come away with some one of-a-kind, incredible pieces of pop culture history,” adds Perry.

This is the first-ever Las Vegas residency to feature exclusive NFTs commemorating the live event, making them one-of-a-kind collectibles for Katy Perry superfans across the world. These digital collectibles will provide a range of utility and benefits to their owners that will be revealed as the year progresses and across multiple drops over the course of 2022. Fans can now pre-register and fund their accounts in preparation for the December 15 launch at

“Our collaboration with Katy Perry is the next step in bringing unique benefits and utility to Theta NFTs,” says Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs. “Unlike traditional NFTs, Theta’s NFT drops aim to connect fans and viewers with the live entertainment experience—providing real-world benefits to collectors. Our NFT holders will not only own a piece of music history by one of the world’s most-loved and successful artists, they will also be the proud owners of digital collectibles with enduring value. From unique interactions with live performances via NFTs to virtual ticketing with ThetaPass DRM, to exclusive access to livestreams and premium content in the metaverse, Theta is looking to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry.”

Theta Network’s NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop, is powered by the Theta protocol and a native blockchain that is significantly different from other NFT platforms as it was purposefully built for media and entertainment. The cost of minting NFTs and gas fees are significantly lower on the Theta Network and transaction times are 100x faster than on Ethereum. More importantly, the Theta protocol is built from the ground up on a proof-of stake (POS) model and therefore uses a fraction of the electricity and resources making it greener, and environmentally friendlier than other alternatives.

With the launch of the Theta Mainnet 3.0 protocol upgrade earlier this year, Theta’s distributed network of more than 100,000 global community-run edge nodes continues to grow quickly. In the future, Theta edge nodes will support decentralized NFT storage enabling users to truly own and take custody of their NFTs, and not depend on any centralized platform. Cross-chain bridges between Theta Network, Ethereum and other blockchains will enable seamless NFT transfer across marketplaces, notably Ethereum based Opensea, Nifty Gateway and others.

About Theta Labs, Inc.

Theta Labs pioneered Theta Network, the next generation video and entertainment blockchain, and, a leading decentralized live streaming platform. Theta infrastructure enables existing video platforms to drive incremental revenues and reduce content delivery CDN costs while end-users are rewarded for sharing their bandwidth to relay video on any PC, mobile, Smart TV or IoT device. Most recently, the company launched ThetaDrop NFT marketplace in partnership with the World Poker Tour and Katy Perry aiming to disrupt the digital collectibles industry.

Theta’s enterprise validator and governance council is led by global leaders including Google, Samsung, Sony, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Binance, Blockchain Ventures, DHVC and gumi. Theta leverages its user base of millions of viewers on to seed its peer-to-peer video network along with premium content partnerships with Lionsgate, MGM Studios, NASA, and others. Popular video platforms integrated with Theta infrastructure include CONtv Anime, World Poker Tour, Cinedigm, Samsung VR, GameTalkTalk, MovieBloc, Ultra, GFUEL and other OTT media, entertainment, and live streaming services. Strategic corporate investors include Samsung NEXT, Sony Innovation Fund, BDMI Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and Silicon Valley VCs including DCM and Sierra Ventures. Learn more at

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Katy Perry has racked up a cumulative 50 billion streams alongside worldwide sales of over 48 million adjusted albums and 135 million tracks. She boasts an impressive 40M + monthly listeners on Spotify with over 20M followers on the platform. Her 2019 single, “Never Really Over,” off her latest album SMILE, is certified PLATINUM and was the biggest streaming launch of Katy’s musical career. 2020’s SMILE release has sold over 1.25 million adjusted albums, with nearly 2 Billion combined streams to date. Views of her 2013 video “Roar” and 2014 “Dark Horse” have recently surpassed three billion views – making Katy the first female artist to reach this milestone. Katy’s 2015 Super Bowl performance is the highest rated in the event’s history. She is one of only five artists in history to have topped 100 million certified units with their digital singles – and the first-ever Capitol Records recording artist to join the elite RIAA 100 Million Certified Songs club.

Aside from being one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, Katy is an active advocate of many philanthropic causes. In 2013, Katy was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has used her powerful voice to ensure every child’s right to health, education, equality, and protection. Katy has also been a champion for LGBTQ+ equality, and has received numerous awards for her work, including the Trevor Project’s Hero Award in 2012, the Human Rights Campaign’s National Equality Award in 2017, amfAR’s Award of Courage in 2018, and Variety’s Power of Women Award in 2021.

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