Kay Yarms Has Shared HIV Test Results

Kay Yarms has shared the results of her HIV test after her boyfriend Flacko was accused of cheating on her with an HIV-positive woman.

If you are worried about Kay Yarms, you shouldn’t be. She’s fine, and she’s proven that already. The beauty influencer became a topic of conversation after her man was accused of cheating with an HIV-positive woman.

According to a Twitter account, @lewinsky1501, an HIV Positive lady revealed she has been having unprotected sex with several men who are married and in relationships. Kay Yarms’ man Flacko was also included in the list. Many worried about the influencer’s health after that revelation.

In a newly posted makeup video, Yarms revealed she wasn’t cheated on because she and Flacko were on and off. She also shared the results of the HIV test she did and revealed it was negative. She also encouraged her fans not to be ashamed to take the test.

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