Kaya 959 Addresses Dineo Ranaka & Sol Phenduka Drama

Just recently, media personality Dineo Ranaka faced severe flak from listeners of the radio station Kaya FM, who thought she was being disrespectful to her co-host, Sol Phenduka, during their presentation together.

Kaya FM, the employer of the two media personalities, has since waded into the whole controversy, clarifying that Dineo Ranaka is the lead presenter. At the same time, Sol Phenduka plays an ancillary role in their show together.

In a press statement, Sibondile Mtyali, managing director of Kaya FM, noted that the structure of 959 Breakfast is that Dineo Ranaka is the main anchor and Sol Phenduka is the co-host and traffic reporter.

While noting that a female lead anchor on a South African breakfast show is unusual in South Africa’s radio universe, he yet expressed faith in the abilities of the two media personalities to navigate the show together easily.

That statement makes it clear that the earlier claim on social media that the two hosts have equal status on the show is incorrect.

Anyway, some peeps wondered whether Sol Phenduka took a subtle shot at Dineo Ranaka when they were discussing toxic baby mamas over the weekend. Dineo Ranaka is infamous for having three children from three fathers.

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