#KeDecemberBoss Mzansi reflects on the memories of 2020

Mzansi reflects on the happy and sad memories of 2020 as #KeDecemberBoss.

2020 has been a crazy year for all of us here in Mzansi. It has been 8 months and counting since the pandemic hit us, and thousands of lives have been lost. Still, we are all grateful to be alive and well.

The hashtag #KeDecemberBoss has been trending on Twitter, and many have shared memories from the year. Some remembered how the pandemic caused us to stay within our homes for a while, and some spoke of the coming festivities in December.

A lot of jokes were thrown about disappearing and leaving home, parents and girlfriends for a while to go have fun. It was all good fun, and everyone seemed to have something beautiful to contribute. You would have a good laugh reading some of the hilarious tweets. Many even thanked God for bringing us thus far to the last month of the year.


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