Keefe D Claims P Diddy Hired Him To Kill Tupac For $1 Million

The music universe is currently abuzz over claims by Keefe D that he was hired by rapper Sean Combs, long famous as P Diddy, to kill Tupac Shakur. The confession reverberated around the world, with many finding it hard to believe.

Tupac Shakur was murdered decades ago in what was thought to be the result of rap gangsterism. It was one death that shook the industry because Tupac had made enormous contributions to the rap universe at the time, and some even consider him a legend.

But who killed Tupac? Or rather, who were the unseen hands and the masterminds of the rapper’s assassination? P Diddy’s name has popped up sporadically as someone privy to the rapper’s assassination, but he denied any involvement in it all.

With Keefe D in the picture and confessing that he was offered $1 million for the hit job, all eyes appear to be on Diddy again. But like before, he has also insisted on his innocence in the whole drama. Keefe D insisted that Diddy not only wanted the rapper killed, but he also made the offer public (there were others present). He was ready to pay anything.

Anyway, there is no hard evidence to nail Diddy at this point.

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