Kefilwe Mabote Slammed For Fake Marriage

Popular Mzansi influencer Kefilwe Mabote has been exposed and slammed for faking getting married.

Everyone is excited when their faves get married. But no one wants anything to do with a fake marriage. Popular influencer Kefilwe Mabote is currently getting roasted for faking getting married. Last year, the star dominated social media with photos of her alleged lobola. She captioned one of the wedding posts, “Kefilwe Mabote ke makoti alilili.”

Everyone believed she had officially tied the knot. She also shared photos standing next to a herd of Bonsmara cows. Another post was captioned, “03•01•2023. This time, it is to infinity.” However, according to a report by Zimoja, a close source to the influencer said, “There was never a marriage, that entire thing was staged for content.”

The source also claimed that she implicated her family in the lie. They say that’s where the money comes from. The source said,

“We all knew at the time that it was just for content. She also did it to make her well-known ex-boyfriend jealous after he left her for another influencer. She fooled her followers and other celebrities who were quick to congratulate her.”

Fans have criticized the influencer for lying about getting married and dragged her online.

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