Kehlani & 070 Shake “Melt” Hearts With Music Video

Short films only, declaimed Kehlani about her music video “Melt”, which she also noted tells a life — hers and that of her partner, 070 Shake.

Kehlani came out in 2021 as a lesbian. She would joke much later that everyone knew who she was except her. Well, she has since come into her own, taking pride in her new identity. And, of course, the LGBTQ community has been supporting her.

“Melt” actually tells a story, as the songstress had noted on her Instagram page. And it does so beautifully, making it easy for just about anyone to relate.

And for those who are struggling with their identity, struggling to get out, and fearful of what the consequences might be, the songstress and her partner offer some insight without being abrasive. In the end, what really counts is your happiness and not what the world thinks or says about you.

The “Melt” Music video is an important work that should appeal to any audience, whether they’re advocates of gender inclusivity or not. You can check out the music video below, and let Kehlani and her partner melt your heart a bit. The video plays for a little over four minutes, sans boring breaks. No qualms.

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