Kehlani Premieres New Album “Blue Water Road” — Listen

American singer and songwriter unleashes great creative energy with a new body of work dubbed “Blue Water Road.” There is great imagery latent in that title, as you’ll find out presently. 

“Blue Water Road” is a 13-song compilation that begins with a “little story” and ends with the songstress “wondering/ wandering.” Stuck between those are numbers like “any given Sunday,” “shooter interlude,” “wish I never,” and “up at night,” to mention a few. 

looked far and wide for guests and ultimately worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Thundercat, and others. A meeting of champions best summarises this coming together of several fine voices. 

It is easy to see the songstress aced this album. There is so much poetry latent in the bars that it’s almost impossible to develop a connection to them somehow. 

is at home with her gift and her spirit is in her singing. Following her song after song is like walking the paths of a benediction. 

The weekend is almost here, and we happily count his as something not to be missed for those who value good music and a good time. If you fancy yourself in that league, then welcome. Let the music begin. 

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