Kelly Clarkson Pays Tribute To Martin Luther King Jr. With Touching Performance Of “Up To The Mountain”

TV Host, Kelly Clarkson pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. with a very touching performance of “Up To The Mountain”.

On Monday January 18, America celebrated the inspiring life of Martin Luther King Jr. Social media was flooded with quotes and photos of the legendary activist and leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

During her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, American singer, Kelly Clarkson paid tribute to Martin Luther King jr. with a soulful performance of the song “Up The Mountain” by Patty Griffin. The song was inspired by King Jr’s famous “I’ve Been To The Mountain Top” speech. He had given it just a day before his assassination in 1968.

Clarkson opened the performance with a quote from the aforementioned speech. “We’ve got some difficult days ahead but it really don’t matter for me now because I’ve been to the mountain top.” Then she delivered a very soulful performance of the song.

While she sang, several clips of the late activist and Civil Rights Movement leader were displayed across the screen. Of course, the audience were very much touched by it all. Kelly Clarkson has earned a reputation as one of the world’s best performers, with impressive vocals, and a gripping stage presence.

Watch the performance below.

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