Kelly Clarkson Reflects On Her American Idol Win

Kelly Clarkson won the first season of reality television show American Idol in 2002.  Even after winning, she wasn’t expecting she would end up the superstar that she is today.

This much she revealed during a sit-down with Andy Cohen on the sset of The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss a documentary on American Idol

Kelly Clarkson is thought to be one of the most successful winners in the show’s history.

Asked if she thought her career would be as big as it turned out after winning the show, Kelly Clarkson thought otherwise. She imagines she was going to be a famous cocktail waitress after her big win.

She also averred that there was something pure and raw about the first season of the show in that no one knew if it would work in the States or not. The show blew up, ultimately, becoming one of the notable reality shows in the country.

It may have been over a decade since the show started, with amny winners along the way. Of the winners to date, not many have been able to match Kelly Clarkson’s post-Idols success.

Kelly Clarkson has won two Grammys. She also currently hosts her own show. Big wins from little beginnings.

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