Kelly Khumalo Is Struggling With Homeschooling Her Children

Kelly Khumalo reveals she is struggling to homeschool her children, Christopher and Thingo

Kelly Khumalo reveals she’s struggling to homeschool her children, Christopher and Thingo.

Indeed the nationwide lockdown has affected people in different ways. While many have had to cancel some of the plans they’ve been working on for a while, others have had to stop work and just do nothing.

For some though, they are stuck with the stress of taking care of their children including homeschooling them. Mzansi singer, Kelly Khumalo is in this category with most parents. The single mother, like many others has not found it easy homeschooling her kids at all, and she took to her Twitter page to reveal it.

She was definitely not the only one who felt that way because most of her followers reacted to the news saying it is the same on their part. A certain follower revealed that she has resorted to YouTube and her kids have been okay with it.

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