Kelly Khumalo Keeps Her Kids Busy By Getting Them To Sanitise Their Toys

The Coronavirus general isolation policy, is taking a big toll on Parents normal activities, as they have to be home with their children all day and celebrities are also not left out of i, as Kelly Khumalo shares the funny way in which she keeps her children Busy.

The singer in replying the tweep who said she had to run away from her kids said, she just basically gave them a job of sanitizing their toys which she feels will keep them busy for a while.

It is heartwarming that amidst the ongoing pandemic, people on the twitter sphere still find an avenue to educate each other. The sanitizing of the toy is also a good approach in that kids are susceptible to gems and with the case of the infected grade 9 student from the western cape, parents should endeavor to keep their kids toys and PlayStations neat at all times.

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