Kelly Khumalo Rips Gospel Fans In New Video | Watch

The Voice Of Africa Kelly Khumalo may have put out gospel songs, but she doesn’t consider herself a gospel singer and she doesn’t care to be one.

However, some fans think she is a gospel singer and have a hard toime reconciling this with her lifestyle. So, now and then, they criticize her choices, lifestyle and everything else they think contrary to gospel music.

At some point, Kelly Khumalo wasn’t having it. So she lashed out at her critic. In a clip posted to Instagram days ago, the songstress lectured her critics.

She made it clear in the post that she is not afraid of her critics. She said they should stop appropriating the tag “Christians” in that they actually do not know the Bible although they might be churchgoers.

The same God they think she’s going against is the God that’s blessing her on a daily basis, she said, insisting God knows who she is – a person who does not try to put up a front, unlike those criticizing her.

Continuing, she described herself as perfect the way she is, imploring those who cannot stomach this to, well, fuck off. You can check out the post below.

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