Kelly Khumalo Set To Quit Alcohol?

“Empini” songstress Kelly Kumalo is apparently tired of the bottle and keen to give it up wonders why she has been unable to.

In a post two days to Valentine’s Day, the singer noted that her body is rejecting alcohol. She wonders why she still continues with alcohol although her body has been rejecting it. She made it clear her relationship with alcohol is doomed.

Tweet attracted many users, who shared their experiences with the bottle. One user posited ;s experience with the bottle is influenced by age, adding he is experiencing similar withdrawal symptoms.

Another suggested she obey her body and just give up the bottle, advising she not only give up the alcohol habit but replace it with another – something better to her overall well-being.

By the way, is not the first songstress to speak about alcohol and then celebs admit their struggles with the bottle. Some have managed to overcome the bottle. Kelly Khumalo might be another good case. Who knows.

What d you think of Kelly Khumalo’s alcohol battles and the imminent doom of her relationship with the bottle? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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