Kelly Khumalo Shares Her Very Different Opinion On Gender Based Violence

Mzansi singer and business woman, Kelly Khumalo shares her different opinion on Gender Based Violence.

In all the years we have known her, it has become obvious that Kelly Khumalo will share her honest opinions on certain issues. She has gotten dragged on social media so much that she doesn’t care anymore. She even said so herself.

The “Empini” star recently shared her ‘different’ thoughts on Gender Based Violence. She asked a question we haven’t really heard about the right time to involve people in an abusive relationship. She revealed that she has noticed that when things seem to be rosey for the couple, the “abused” usually expects everyone to “drink water and mind their business”.

However, when they tire of the relationship, they expect people to get involved. She believes that people should be involved from the start which is the best option. What do you guys think of this?

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